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Absence Seizures

We think DD may be having them.  Will be scheduling an EEG as soon as the weekend is over.

Anybody have any experience with them?  If so, how did it start? 


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Re: Absence Seizures

  • I don't have any experience with them, but we were concerned with ds's head nods.  Enough that our pedi referred us to a neurologist.  It turned out to be nothing. 

    Try not to stress too much (I know, impossible).  I definitely think getting an EEG is a step in the right direction.  Good luck, and lots of prayers to you and your LO.

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  • maykatmaykat member
    my brother is taking my niece to see a doctor about this.  He is a doctor and is concerned because she consistently makes strange faces and clenches her hands.  He's worried she is having mini-seizures.  They are just in the early exploratory stages.  I'll let you know what they find out.
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