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Healthy Baby Boutique, Manhattan

Has anyone been there?  I love it!  They have so many unique baby items and lots of cloth diapers to choose from.  It's a very green store!  Just thought I would share, I am so sick of Target!

Re: Healthy Baby Boutique, Manhattan

  • Oh yah, there is also one in Newton, by Wichita!
  • I have not been in there yet but have been in the Hey Baby store.  How similar are those 2 stores?
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  • Completely different!  Healthy Baby has all natural, organic, and eco-friendly items.  They have a huge selection of diaper bags and cloth diapers, clothes and toys.  Plus it is spread out so it is easier to shop in.  They don't carry furniture like Hey Baby does.
  • What did you think of Hey Baby?  I found it to be very expensive, but had some interesting items. 
  • I just went there a few days ago to pick up some heartburn tea (which is amazing, btw...) and LOVED it. Definitely going to stock up on the fuzzibunz cloth diapers once I get a little further along. I also loved the organic bamboo onesies. 
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