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worst name ever!

Someone I know told me about their friend who was a subsitute teacher. She had a student whose name was L-A. prounced ladasha. la-dash-a!!  how horrible is that!  the - dash in her name is prounced dash.lol
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Re: worst name ever!

  • were they in the same class as Orange and Lemon Jello?
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    Someone comes on here with that story every week.  I had a friend IRL who told me it last week, too, only she works at a car rental place in the projects.

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  • I swear everyone "knows" someone named their child that...
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  • Seriously?  Do people think this is still original?  ::yawn::
  • I knew this was going to be about La-dash-a before I even opened this post.

    www.snopes.com is your friend.

  • Confused
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  • I heard this one just the other day! There must be many L-As floating around our planet. 
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  • pawcallpawcall
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    ha, yes.  my chriopractor SWEARS that her patient's best friend named HER kid L-A.  riiiiight.
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  • I wish we could get a sticky post on top of the board that says "No, you actually don't know someone named La-a or the Jello twins, so don't bother posting about it"
  • My friend told me that his same discussion is being held on another baby board...

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  • I hate these posts, but the responses always make me laugh, so I read them anyway :)

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  • hahahahaha.. that is realllllllllly good! way better than any of the kids i've had. here are some of my good ones over the years...





    although none of these come close to L-A... that's incredible. 

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  • Check these out... horrible celeb baby name: http://bit.ly/c9wvD6

    Seriously... Jaime Oliver named his daughter Petal Blossom Rainbow! 

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