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Moving to the area soon and have a ?

We're technically moving to Sierra Vista but I hear that's not to far from Tucson. 

 Does anyone know of any VBAC friendly OBs in the area?   


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Re: Moving to the area soon and have a ?

  • I don't know of any OB's in Sierra Vista (hopefully someone else does!) and since this was my first LO the topic didn't come up. I think my OB practice would be open to it, but not positive. It was Copperstate OBGYN, but they are in Tucson, delivering at St. Joes.
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  • I'm almost certain mine would be, but like the previous poster, my OB is in Tucson.  And if you don't like big practices you won't like this practice.  I go to the University of Arizona OB/GYN Clinic and my Dr is Dr. James Macculia (sp?).
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  • I live in Sierra Vista.. Im gonna warn you.. this place is not the best place to have a child.. I am currently 18 weeks pregnant.. and have NOT once seen my baby.. I have an ultrasound scheduled for December 23 but its against policy to tell you the sex of your baby..

    The best OB here ive heard is Kenneth Kecenga.. Hes awesome!!

    Good luck!!

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