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Would you change your name? {clicky poll}

I'm curious how many people really consider changing their name choices after getting other's opinions. Does it matter who the opinion is from? [Poll]
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Re: Would you change your name? {clicky poll}

  • Oh and I should add I would never change our choices, but I do like to know what people think! Our names are all family names, so they have meaning to us that other people probably don't get. I'm not shocked people don't like them when I share! :)
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    There is another kid, she's 10... 
  • I picked Awstin Jefree because it's just so Awsum.
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  • It depends. If I loved the name and it wasn't completely ridiculous, I would consider the opinion of others. It's a general consensus of what other people (IRL) will think.
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  • I voted maybe as in change the spelling, etc. but most likely not the name itself.
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  • I wouldn't change my child's name. if I liked that name and picked it I would keep it no matter what people think. But I agree with the post about maybe changing the spelling.

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  • I voted for the 3rd one, depends on the person.  If my mom hated the name and said she'd call it something else entirely then I'd have to think about that.  I do like to hear what people think though.  A) I like to prepare myself for possible thoughts on the name that I wouldn't think of and B) if I'm torn on a name then sometimes hearing feedback helps me make a decision.  That pretty much goes for most decisions from crib bedding to names.
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  • With DH and I, once we've decided on names, that's it, they're chosen.

    With Evelyn, I chose Evelyn Alexis McKenzie fairly early on in the pregnancy... and during my wedding (of all places... I was around 6 1/2 months pregnant at the time), my mom's Aunt tried to convince me for half the night to spell it MacKenzie, because that was her maiden name, and it was the dominant form of the name.... It's on her birth certificate as McKenzie. I refused to change it. My child, my choice, that's how I wanted it, and nobody was going to talk me out of it.

    For this child, since I named Evelyn, I told DH he could name this one - with some restrictions (he wasn't allowed to name it Voldemort!). So I got him to name the child before we even found out we were pregnant... months before I got pregnant, actually! So this one will be either Connor Edward Duncan, or Rebecca Grace Emily.

  • If EVERYONE had something negative to say, it would make me rethink it. If a few people had criticisms - no way. 
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  • Mine is kind of opposite of one of the poll choices. If my mom liked it, but everyone on the bump hated it, I'd change it. I trust the bumpies opinions way more-they're honest!
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  • Depends why people hate the name.  For instance, I really liked the name Annaleigh for a while but then once I got the "anally" connection from the haters, I started looking for another name pretty quickly! 
  • image drakee:
    Depends why people hate the name.  For instance, I really liked the name Annaleigh for a while but then once I got the "anally" connection from the haters, I started looking for another name pretty quickly! 

    I agree with this, if the name I pick out ends up sounding like something wrong or easily picked on, I'd want to know, and if it wasn't something I could live with, I'd pick something else.

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  • For me it depends on who doesn't like the name AND their reasoning.  Truthfully, my family didn't love my boy name choice, but we are sticking with it, they didn't have a good reason for not liking it they just didn't...well, DH and I DO like the name and as it's our child naming is our choice.
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    Definitely depends on people's reasons. If I get a bunch of "NMS" or just generally not liking it, probably not. But if people brought up valid concerns or something I hadn't thought of, maybe. Like, I love the name Addison. On here, I get a lot of "it's too popular" or "the -son makes it sound masculine" (btw, Allison ends in -son, and I'm pretty sure that is a well established girl's name) but nothing to really sway my opinion.
  • I wouldn't change it, even if my mom hated it. The only opinion that matters is tat of the child's parents, IMO. (I say that and yet I comment here...) That's why I'm keeping the names of my children secret. Even from my parents.
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