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need prayers

DS has had a hx of seizures( i actually posted below).  He's been seizure free for a little over a year on Keppra.  I was starting to breathe easier, and tonight he was really funky.  Lethargic, zoning out, not hungry, threw up, some funny mouth movements...  I could go on and on analyzing.  He's exhausted from a long week, and he did have a slight fever, but it was a bit more than that as much as I try to rationalize it away.  He's sleeping now and didn't have a full blown one, but I hate this at anytime something could happen feeling... :(  dammit! 

Re: need prayers

  • ((hugs)) I bet he is just off due to being tired.   I hope he gets a good nights sleep and is back to his self tomorrow!
  • Big hugs to you. Im sorry you are worried. Left Hug
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  • I totally know how you feel.  I spend way too much time analyzing everything Natalie does to see if she might seize.  I hope he is okay.
  • I know how you feel about analyzing every.little.thing. they do.  I hope it's nothing.  Let us know if you find anything out.

     You've definitely got my seizure freedom prayers.  

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  • I know what you mean. I'm constantly watching LO...He's been seizure free since 10 days of age, after being on phenabarbitol for that amount of time, but there is a chance they can start again. It's a really scary feeling. Every little twitch makes my stomach drop. 

    I don't know if this will help you, but a nurse (a fantastic, amazing, super one) told me in the NICU that it might help to have a mantra of " I will not play what if". I thought it sounded hokey...but it actually works for me. As soon as I start to panic, I just shut my eyes, and repeat it over and over again to calm myself down.

    I hope that your LO is ok :) Sending best wishes your way. 


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