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Finally feeling official...

Hi ladies!  I am finally wrapping my head around things, and feel like actually posting may help things feel more real!  I am due on January 13th, and this was an unexpected surprise for my husband and I!  We had just decided that it wasn't a good time to try due to my husband's upcoming departures with the army, but I forgot to go pick up my birth control for two weeks during the end of an insane semester of grad school, and it turns out we don't have fertility issues!  We are excited about the addition to our family, but heartbroken at the timing. My husband will leave in October for another 6 months of training, about 10 hours away from home. Some people have told us that he will be allowed a 24 hour leave through the Red Cross to come see me and baby once the delivery is over- but others have told us that he will only get that if something goes wrong and he needs to come home to help make decisions (aka, me or baby might not make it- obviously not something I am hoping for).  My husband will then be deploying overseas around 2012 for a year. So it's a lot of single-momness for me, and it breaks my husbands heart to miss so many milestones for me and baby.

 But, we are finally starting to see the excitement in everything, and realize that baby is coming no matter what, and we will love him/her no matter how bad the timing is!  We have already chosen my person to help me through everything- we joke that she is my hetero life partner, as she always helps me fill in the time when my husband is gone! She is a wonderful friend and a licensed massage therapist, so she might be more useful for the third trimester anyways!  :)  She is coming to all the appointments with us and will help me make lots of videos to send to my husband so he can stay up to date one things baby! 

Whew, that was a lot, but it gives a lot of perspective to why I feel a much more quiet joy about this pregnancy, and I am hoping that as I get more into the prep and planning for the baby, that it will become more real and exciting! 

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  • Congrats on your pregnancy!  Even though it may seem like bad timing right now, I truly believe these things happen for a reason.  :-)  You are very lucky to have not only your husband, but also your wonderful friend to help you through it all!
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  • Congratulations! I think there is a Military Moms board on here so I'm sure you can find an even bigger support system for mommies going through the same thing. My T&P are with you both!
  • Another A08 January baby!! Congrats!! Me, Sarbar, and Teri are also due in January! BTW, we miss you over there!
  • I'm sorry that the timing is off but Congrats! I'm sure you can find a ton of military mom/wife support/chat groups that will help you get through the time alone.
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  • Aww congratulations! Everything will work out for you!!! I agree with PP that everything happens for a reason!
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  • Congrats, me and my husband also got surprised by this pregnancy, we were planning on waiting another year, I had gone off of birth control pills to try to lose weight and get very healthy before trying for a baby, but surprise!  Everything works out for a reason, that is what we keep telling each other.

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