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good place to test drive strollers?

Can anyone suggest a place to test drive strollers?  Preferably double strollers?  Thanks!

Re: good place to test drive strollers?

  • check out new baby products on cheshire bridge in-town and babys roomm kennesaw otp.
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  • New Baby Products is closed today.  Boo! 

    I was thinking about Baby's Room but couldn't remember the name.  Thank you!

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  • NozzeFSNozzeFS member
    Georgia Baby and Kids has a nice selection too. The staff was very informed on all the strollers and they have a nice area to test them out. They are on the 85 access rd off Jimmy Carter. New Baby Products is great too!
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  • I think we will be going to the Baby's Room in Kennesaw.  Don't they let you even try to fit it in your car?  This is #1 on my list- the double stroller MUST fit under that cargo shelf in the CRV or it's out. 






  • We gassed up the car and drove up to Baby's Room in Kennesaw!  They were really great and yes, they walked the two strollers we were thinking about out to the car and let us put them in the truck.  That was a big help cause allowed us to eliminate the double BOB seeing that it left Nooooo room in our pilot for anything else!

     Thanks ladies!

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