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Shower question

How far along were you when you had your baby shower? I'm just curious. Mine is next weekend and I will be 28 weeks.

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  • My big family and friends one was at 27 weeks.  My work one is Friday, and I am 31 weeks. :)

    Have a great time!!!

  • From what i've been told 28 wks is the perfect time! Your still able to enjoy it! Have a great time!
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  • I had one at 25 weeks and one at 26 weeks. It was perfect to have it early, because now I have some time to get all the things that I didn't receive and plan before I can't get around as easily.
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  • smeyersmeyer member
    I was only 24w at mine but we had to plan around a wedding in my DH's family.  I also had a small work shower at 26w.

  • my twin "sprinkle" was at 28w.  I wished it was a week or two sooner b/c i was so afraid i'd miss it (i missed my singleton shower at 34w b/c i was in the hospital)... but all turned out just fine and I felt great.

    enjoy it!

  • 31 weeks due to date issues and holidays, prior obligations, etc.  My gf insisted I have another because it's twins.  I was worried at first that I may not make it so late, but since I've already had a shower with my first, whatever happens, happens. 
  • The first one I have scheduled (I'm having 3) will be when I'm 28w. That's the second weekend in August. The other two I'm not sure about, the ladies giving them were waiting until I found out what I was having (which is hopefully today, yay!) I expect they'll probably be in late July sometime.
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