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What do you think of the name Walker?

Too much of an adjective? ;)

Re: What do you think of the name Walker?

  • I personally Love it! I love Walker, and also Wyatt for a little boy :)
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  • First I think of the show "Walker, Texas Ranger" and then I think of the kid from Talladega Nights.  I think some last names can become first names, but not this one.
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  • We love Wyatt too but cousin's sons name is Wyatt. Oh well.
  • It's my maiden name! I'm considering it as a mn for a boy.
  • I like the name Walker personally, but when I suggested it to DH he said "Only if the middle name is Texas Ranger"
  • I love it! I've actually thought of using it but more likely to use Wyatt as it's actually a family name.....well Wyatt is my grandmother's maiden last name.
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  • texas ranger.

    seriously, I'd say I'm neutral on that name. 

  • ditto Texas Ranger
  • It just sounds like a last name to me, and I'm not a fan of the last name as a first name trend.
  • image katana:
    ditto Texas Ranger

    same here

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  • I know a dog named Walker, so that's my first association, and after that I think "...Texas Ranger".  Sorry.

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  • I think it is a cute name, I like it.

  • This
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  • Wow. It seems totally split. Thanks for the input.

    FWIW-I think Texas Ranger too, but Chuck Norris is bad a$$ so I don't really see an issue with it. ;)

    Oh, and for the last name as first name people, you'd hate our other top name pick - Jackson. :/

  • I like it alot.  I like most of those last names as first names on boys. 
  • nms... i think of texas ranger
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  • image collegecouple:
    First I think of the show "Walker, Texas Ranger" and then I think of the kid from Talladega Nights.  I think some last names can become first names, but not this one.

    This is what I was thinking too...sorry.

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  • Scout05Scout05
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    Cute, to me. My MIL's last name was Walker, and I have it on our list as a maybe for that reason.
  • I know a couple of Walker's and I actually like it.
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    There is another kid, she's 10... 
  • Texas Ranger


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  • I think that it is really cute, but my first thought was "Johnny Walker". LOL
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  • makes me think of Walker, Texas Ranger and Johnnie Walker, is nms but I don't think is terrible
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  • I like it
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  • this is my son, walker and my other son, texas ranger.  sorry that is the first/only thing I think of.
  • "Walker, Texas Ranger"

    I like the name.  I say use it as long as you don't mind people making the Texas Ranger connection.

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