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A middle name in People magazine...

So all through my pregnancy with DD, I tried to come up with a good variation of my grandmother's name for DD. She and I were very close and she passed away a month before DD was born. Her name was Olga (no middle name). We ended up naming DD for DH's grandmother who also passed away during my pregnancy. This week I saw a celeb baby with the middle name Olea (or maybe it was Olia). I know it's a little different, but better than Olga imo. I would use it as a middle name for my next daughter- assuming I have one. WDYT?



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Re: A middle name in People magazine...

  • I think it's fine. I dont think there is anything wrong with Olga either. 
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  • If you're really opposed to using Olga, you can always look up the meaning of Olga and then pick a name with the same meaning to honor your grandmother.  Or use the Jewish tradition of a name that begins with the same first letter of the person you intend to honor.
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  • I actually prefer Olga to Olea or Olia as mn.
  • I definitely don't hate either Olga or Olia but it makes me think of oleo...which is another name for butter. :-) I actually like Olga better than Olia though.
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  • If you are naming her after someone, just use their actual name.  Nothing wrong with Olga.
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  • I actually don't mind Olga. I think it would be nice to use, especially if it brings happy memories when you say/hear it.
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  • Cute... way better than Olga
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  • I would use Olga for her middle name.
  • I prefer Olga.  I also think that if you're naming in honor of someone, you should just use their name, not some other version of it.  I think your daughter would be honored to be named after someone so special to you.
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