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s/o maternity bathing suits

Did anyone actually swim in theirs?  I had to give up running b/c I just couldn't handle it when I had m/s, and now it has been months since I did, so I shouldn't start back up again.  I was thinking of swimming instead, but none of the maternity swim suits seem like they'd really work for doing laps.  Do you have any suggestions for where I could find one that would work?

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  • I didn't swim, but I did do a pre-natal aquatics class. One piece of advice I can give, is that if you're going to do actual exercise in the water, do not get a two piece maternity suit unless you REALLY love showing off your bump, as they always ride up. 



  • I bought a one piece with no skirt from Motherhood and swam all last summer and into the fall.  They make some pretty fancy "racing" maternity suits but my 30 dollar number was just fine for me and I was a competitive swimmer for 15 years.
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  • i swim laps in my tankini from motherhood. i just tuck the top into the bottom, otherwise, it floats up and is hella annoying. i wasn't able to find anything else that fit well.
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