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middle name for olivia

I know it's super popular but I LOVE it.. so now we're looking for a MN for our little girl...

Some ideas we've thrown out there are:

olivia grace

olivia rose

olivia faith

olivia ann

I tend to like the shorter MN since olivia is a mouthful... opinions/other suggestions welcome :) TIA 

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Re: middle name for olivia

  • My Olivia's mn is Rose.  Some say it's a filler name, but it was the last name of my cousin who was killed in a car accident when we were teens.  I think it sounds perfect together... 

  • I think all of your suggestions go nicely with Olivia. I really like Grace though.
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  • I have a first cousin that's named Olivia Jane. I always thought it sounded nice together...her mn actually came from our Aunt.
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  • I love how Olivia Grace sounds...it seems like such a classic name, too. 
  • I like Olivia!

    Some of my favorite combinations are already on your list:

    Olivia Grace
    Olivia Faith

    Some other combinations I like:

    Olivia Kate
    Olivia Jane
    Olivia Claire/Clare
    Olivia Paige
    Olivia Lauren

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    Before I even opened this post I was thinking Ann.  So that's what I would choose  :)

    I think Grace and Rose flow nicely with the name.  I don't like Faith with Olivia.

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  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE Olivia Grace... That name has a very special place in my heart, so I would definitely go with that (and if I am ever blessed to experience pregnancy again) that would be my girl name.

    I also like Olivia Hope. <-- not that you suggested that, but I noticed Faith :)

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  • I LOVE the way Olivia Grace sounds. My next fav would be Olivia Rose. 

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  • I have a friend and her DDs name is Olivia Erin... she played with the middle name spelling quite a bit, I'm just giving the spelling I'm most familiar with.

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  • My good friend's little girl is Olivia Rose, and it really fits her, so that's my vote.

  • My fave is Olivia Grace
  • I love Olivia Claire!
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  • My Olivia's mn is Madison.  Not a shorter name but it fits my Olivia.  But of your choices I would pick Olivia Grace.
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