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Imaginarium train table?

Do any of you guys have the Imaginarium Train Table that comes with the train set?  WDYT of it?


Re: Imaginarium train table?

  • We got this for my sons 2nd birthday - he LOVES it.  We put it together after he went to bed the night before his birthday and so far, he's not messed up the tracks but he can spend hours playing with it.  Definitely one of his better gifts because it does hold his attention for so long. 

  • we got a hand-me-down.  so far DS doesn't know what to do with it, but carrying around pieces of track and putting train pieces in the drawers keeps him busy while i get ready for work.
  • We bought this when DS was about 18 months old.  We just put the table together and gave him the trains.  I think he might be ready for the tracks and accessories in a few months, possibly.  As of right now, he likes to climb on top of it and sit with his Matchbox cars and trains.

    I definitely think it's worth it.  FWIW, when we bought it at TRU, it was $159.99.  About 2 or 3 weeks later, they reduced it to $99 and we were able to get the difference refunded to us.


  • Funny you should ask this, we gave it to Finn for his birthday on Friday and spent the whole weekend setting it up. To say it's a hit is the understatement of the year. It took forever to put together, just to warn you, and once we had it set it up, we realized we were going to have to use a hot-glue gun to secure all the track or else Clay would just knock it down all day long. Once it was all done, though, they played with it for an entire morning and had to be dragged away for lunch. I think it's extremely well constructed and sturdy, and I like that all the Thomas trains will work on it, in case either of my kids ever get obsessed with him. I priced out a Thomas set that is almost identical along with the table and tabletop (why on earth would you sell that separately?) and it would have been around $650 for everything that was included in our $175 set. So I'm very pleased.

  • We got a really kick ass one off of Craigslist for $40.  My son plays with it for literally hours every single day (have had it for about 2 months now).  I'm so glad that we got it, and got it so cheaply!



  • Full table pic (it actually came with everything here *minus our Thomas trains*) for $40!


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