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feeding question

Oliver (3wks old) is only taking 2 oz of formula every 3 hours now- where he had been taking 2.5oz most times.

His brother is taking 3+ oz every 3 hours.

 I don't want to be comparing them but I'm worried that 2oz isn't enough.. they both weighed the same at their last check-up...

Do you think 2 oz is enough? I don't want to force more because he just usually spits ups then.

Re: feeding question

  • This is exacly what my Braondon was doing the past few days, his brothers were  taking 3-4.5 oz and him only  2-2.5   I was getting worried, then for no reason today he has taken around 4 all day.  I think they like to make us worry:)
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  • My smaller one was taking over 2 oz at the beginning and then we ended up dropping her down to 1 1/2 oz every 2 hours because her stomach was small and she couldn't handle even 2 oz or she'd spit up.  My bigger one was eating 3 oz at this point so there was a huge difference in how much they were eating.

    If he seems satisfied with 2 oz, I wouldn't worry about it - babies will let you know if they're hungry still.  But if he seems hungry but you worry about feeding him more because he'll spit up, then I'd feed him less oz but more frequently.  That's what our pedi recommended for my littler one.

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