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I have been crampy on and off some days.

Yesterday I got a little queasy at one point. Today I *almost* puked on the way to breakfast with the family. It was horrible. I can say, I did have coffee before I ate anything, and was reading to DD in the backseat. Not normally things that would bother me, but today it was not good.

Coffee is going bye-bye, even my half caff. I am vowing to eat *something* as soon as I (um, I mean DD) wakes up. Also, no reading in the car! 

I swear if I am getting m/s that bad so early, I am in for it

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Re: Symptoms?

  • Boobs are a little bit more sore than normal. I'm crampy on and off - but its a weird crampy. Its definitley not normal cramping. And I'm flipping exhausted - and the peeing constantly. Other than that - nothing too serious yet :) But its still early!
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  • I have been just slightly cramping constantly, my boobs have grown at least half a size (like they are falling out of my "I'm on my period and they get bigger" bras), I'm getting nauseous in the heat, and I am exhausted.

    I feel crazy.  Like crazy to the point that I went a bought a digital just to make sure that I am really pregnant.  (I am, so that has helped.)  I doubt it is hormones; I honestly think I am just overwhelmed by the news and it is making me loopy! 

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  • Lkat17Lkat17 member

    I've been having sore boobs off and on, some headaches, and feeling tired.

    In the past day, I started having a little cramping and some light, brown spotting. I felt a little better when my mom told me she had spotting in all 4 of her pregnancies and it was fine.

    This morning I woke up with some nausea and diarrhea (fun!) It's also felt like I've got butterflies in my stomach (if that makes any sense.)

    But mostly, I'm trying to stay calm and enjoy it because it's so darn surreal when I think about it!! :-) 

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  • The days leading up to my BFP and a few days afterwards, I felt slight nausea, heartburn, severely bloated and some other stuff. Now I feel just fine except for some cramps, but as a pp said, they don't feel like normal cramps. I sort of remember them from DS but then again, it seems so long ago. So these cramps feel more like a deep tugging inside the uterus. My lower back is a bit achy too, which had me concerned yesterday. But I don't have any spotting whatsoever.

    Oh and I have major in way too much cm. And THAT I do remember from DS. Ugh.

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  • My boobs feel enormous, are highly sensitive and hurt! Of course it doesn't help that my DH is noticing that they're growing... enough already! I don't feel the slightest in the mood, but that also because I am terrified that I'm going to miscarry... though I bet that sex wouldn't hurt.

    Also some weird cramping and I could cry for any reason at the drop of a hat. I'm also feeling compelled to bake and clean anything in sight.

    Definitely not normal!

    Oh, and I have a terrible headache and tunnel vision but I can't tell if its sinuses or pg!


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    All Welcome


  • I haven't had any symptoms so far... it's starting to worry me Tongue Tied

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  • imagedivakotka:

    TSo these cramps feel more like a deep tugging inside the uterus. My lower back is a bit achy too, which had me concerned yesterday. 


    That is exactly what my cramps feel like.  And I've also started getting a bit of a back ache.  I went to Pilates class this morning and I'm hoping that will help. 

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