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Baby Jogger City Select - reviews?

Hi Everyone, 

I'm thinking of buying a Baby Jogger City Select as my go-to stroller (I already have a BOB Duallie for power walking and running) for shopping trips, light strolls, etc. and am wondering what those of you that have it think of it.  I have a DSNG and want to replace it because it's cumbersome and hard to maneuver but I love that both car seats snap into it and it's so easy to fold and get in and out of my trunk.  So, some specific questions...

  • How easy/difficult is it to maneuver the City Select?
  • How easy/difficult is it to lift it in and out of a trunk each time?  34lbs. seems pretty heavy to lift up and down out of a trunk each time...
  • Do you think that it's worth the hefty price tag?
  • Do I need to buy any additional adapter to fit two car seats with it (I have Graco Snugride 32's)

     Thank you!!!

    Re: Baby Jogger City Select - reviews?

    • I don't have much insight since I don't have one, but I've done a bit of research on the city select.  To answer your questions:  I tried the Select out in the store and it seemed way easier to maneuver than other tandem double strollers.  It is shorter in length than the DSNG.   Besides the DSNG, I think most double strollers are pretty heavy.  I think the select is on the lighter side in comparison.  I priced it out and here is what you would need to buy:  stroller itself ~ $500 and second seat adapter ~$160.  If you want the car seat adapters those are an additional $60 EACH ($120 more dollars).  Although if your babies are 4.5 months old, it seems like you could skip the car seat adapters as you are almost to the stage where they could use the regular seats that it comes with.   

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    • i have the select and love it.

      i would not bother with the car seat adapters at that age - just use your DSNG if you want to use the car seats still. You can put them right into the seats at that age - they will both fully recline if needed for napping.

      it's MUCH easier to drive the Select than a typical tandem (which is quite long as you know). I got mine just for that purpose and love it. It's my every day stroller.

      i have no problem lifting it into my minivan - sure, it's heavy - all doubles are. You do have to remove the 2nd seat but it's so easy to do I don't mind.

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