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?? For those with 3 kids and NO minivan!

We have a Lincoln MKX that we've had for a year.  It can easily accommodate two children, but I think 3 would be stretching it (I haven't tried).  MH and I have discussed getting rid of the truck and getting a minivan instead, but honestly we would take a HUGE hit on the trade in value.  If we could keep the truck for one more year that would be great, but I don't think it will comfortably hold a toddler and twins!  Any suggestions?  What kind of car/truck do you have?  What brand car seats do you have? We used the Chicco Key Fit with DS and it is huge.  Can this work or do I need to take the financial hit on the trade in and get a minivan? Any assistance is appreciated. 

Re: ?? For those with 3 kids and NO minivan!

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    I just bought a Mercedes GL450.  It's not going to be perfect by any stretch but, I didn't want a minivan for myself.

    I'd try to stick it out with your truck and see what happens.



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  • we have a Mazda 5, and I think (hope) it's going to work.   It's got 3 rows, and sliding doors, but it's much smaller than a minivan.    The third row seats flip down individually, so we will put the twins in the 2 captain's chairs in the middle row, put DD in her convertible seat in the third row, and with the second third row seat flipped down, the valco trimode just fits.  Barely.   We got a large bucket for the roofrack if we go on trips and need more storage space. 

    Like you, our car is relatively new, and we don't want to buy another one. 

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  • The Sunshine radian is a very narrow but highly rated seat.  You could  put 3 of those in a row.
  • seriously- simply for having doors that open on their own- i'd get the minivan.
  • We have the Ford Edge which I think is the same as the Lincoln MKX.  (I like yours better though).  A few weekends ago we tried to put our Britax in the middle with two infant bases (Graco Snugride) and it worked.  It was tight but fit.  I have been told that the Baby Trend seats are bit more narrow, but I think we are going to stick with what we have at the moment.  We also plan on buying DS the Sunshine Radian instead of the Britax and stick the Britax in DH's car along with our other Britax.  We bought our Edge when DS was only a few months old and now I wish we would have just waited but oh well.  Good luck!! 
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  • We have a Honda CRV and we are making it work (for now)

    The baby seats and toddler seat do not fit with the bases installed, so I have to lap belt the seats in.  It is not ideal, but if we have to take all 3 somewhere, we make do.

    I put the twins on either side, and my (almost) 3 year old has a 5 point harness booster that just fits in the middle.

    We are looking into getting a used Honda Odyssey sometime in the future.

  • I also have a Ford Edge.  DD#1 was in the Britax Boulevard, and that did not fit with 2 infant seats (and I had 3 police officers try EVERY configuration to try!).  SO I got her the Sunshine Radian, and had 2 Graco infant seats.  Now I have the Boulevard FF in the center and 2 Sunshine Radians RF on the sides and it is plenty roomy.  I hear Goldilock's argument, but our car is also newish, I'm not ready for the minivan.  My hair says mommy.  My resume says mommy.  My kids say mommy.  I am not ready for the car, too. 

    I'll get the minivan when they are bigger and requiring more gear, etc!

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  • I could not go minivan.  We just got a GMC Acadia (has 3 rows) to accommodate 3 carseats, but I did seriously consider waiting a year for the same reason.  I figured we would rarely go many places all together in the first year and in the rare occasion we did, we could just take two cars.  Sounds weird but it could work if we had to.  My only concern was DH being OOT for work and something medical come up and I'm stuck.   

    We plan to use 2 snugrides and Britax in the first year.   

  • We were dumb and went and bought an SUV before the twins were born. And at 5 months old we realized just how stupid that was. We sucked it up with the lost trade value and bought a minivan but we are much happier. Between the 2 carseats and the double stroller, sometimes just grocery shopping was tough. Get the minivan.
  • We have a Honda Pilot.  We have all three carseats, (just got them installed yesterday!) in the second row, so we have a huge trunk for the double stroller and anything else we need.  I am hoping to get something smaller when DS is in a booster and the twins are FF in radians.
  • Thanks ladies.  I think we'll play around with the car seats and see if it works out.  If not...we'll be losing a good amount of money on a trade in.

    I'm not against a minivan at all, but with twins on the way I'd rather conserve the $ any way that we can!

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