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He's getting his first tooth!

...and there's an unprecedented level of fuss going on at Chez DCtoLow. He's chomping on all the usual suspects (frozen toys, wet washcloths, teething biscuits) - any suggestions?

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Re: He's getting his first tooth!

  • Sounds like you've got everything covered.  I would have previously recommended Motrin, but no more.
  • I know some people are anti-Orajel, but that's worked for us in the past. We also discovered today that DS likes sucking on ice cubes - that might work.

    I think we're working on tooth #2 right now and it's driving me nuts, so I sympathize. 

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  • When my guys were teething, I gave them all their solid foods right out of the fridge. It seemed to soothe their gums while they ate :)

    Baby Nathan is getting SO big!

  • Fun stuff! C has his third coming in now. We use Target brand ibuprofen and Hyland's teething tablets (these are somewhat controversial and honestly, I think they may be a placebo) when we've exhausted all other options.  As long as he's sleeping, count yourself lucky!
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  • No new advice, but very exciting about getting the first tooth!  Smile
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  • congrats on this milestone!

    seems like you are doing everything right.

    Someone recommended frozen waffles but I never did that, or frozen carrots.

  • we give him the generic tylenol.  the first came in on a Friday, the second on that Monday! 

    We didn't even realize it had broken through until the dr put the tongue depressor in his mouth and it cracked when he bit down.  She was like - oh, do we have a tooth??


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