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  • OP, WhyTF are you posting this on every board?
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  • This person's been posting random grammatical marks on all the boards, by the looks of things. Confused
  • maybe she's trying to up her posts?  or, if she's really done all the boards than she's entirely new and a troll doing it.  Though there are certainly better ways to be a troll, so I'll stick with the first assumption.
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  • Seriously, what is the point of trying to up your post count? It doesn't count for anything except street cred around here. And you WON'T get any street cred from posting commas everywhere!

    If she's trying to up her posts, why doesn't she just post commas or something on each post within each board?:

    WDYT of Isla? &

    WDYT of Awstin? %

    WDYT of Trewyn? #

    I actually don't think she's trying to up her post count.

    I think she must be trying to annoy us b/c she made one-too-many L-A posts, and got banned.

    Really, why would you choose "NoThanks" as a screen name if you thought you were sticking around?


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