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I vote for an instant ban

on anyone who tells the L-A or orange/yellow jello story on here

Re: I vote for an instant ban

  • Yes
  • *applause*
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  • lol
    Lilypie First Birthday tickers 
    There is another kid, she's 10... 
  • Yes!
    [PM me for the link to my blog]
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  • time
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  • haha.  agreed.

    I worked with a chick we called Sher Dash...her name was spelled Sher-Leanne.  lol, don't you think the more logical hyphen would be Sherley-Anne?  nope, it was after the Sher.  Maybe she was L-A's sister?

  • Agree!
    S- March 09 E- Feb 12 L- May 15

  • I MUST have missed something...someone have a link? :)
  • Seriously.  Does even a day go by without one of those posts?  *eyeroll*

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  • Yes

    Link for PurpleMag:


    Big Smile


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