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  • wow...just wow.


    ha ha. i hate all of those but i particularly hate this. i don't know why, but it drives me up the wall. or drags me up the wall, as finn would say.

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  • Amy_729Amy_729 member
    "FAIL" - expected that to be number 1. I am so over that word.
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  • I have never heard of DIAF. But I stick mostly to this Atl board where everyone is mostly nice or Facebook, where I can pick my friends. DIAF seems SO harsh. I can't believe someone would type that. I do live in a sheltered internet world, I guess. And I'm completely guilty of the "wow, just wow" comment.

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  • I'm guilty of most of them, but do hate them.   I loathe LOL.  And FML.   (although, I have never once used FML.) 
  • I really, really hate "this."  I don't know why.  It is a massive FAIL to me though (LOL)!  wow, just wow.  it makes me want to DIAF
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  • Mrs.GuzMrs.Guz member
    "Wow...just wow" is sooo annoying! As is "This". I overuse exclamation points and LOL a lot though !!!! LOL!!!
    Abigail Taylor 09.18.2008

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  • K&P414K&P414 member

    I have a 'friend' (and I use that term very loosely) that LOLs LOL LOL LOL LOL  past the point of anything I have ever seen in my entire life. LOL!! LOL!! LOL!!   With LOTS of CAPITAL letters and punctuation!!!!!!!!  And it TOTALLY stresses me out anytime she sends me an email!!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!! 


  • You know, that is another thing I don't get.   When people type LOLOLOL!   What are you laughing out loud out loud out loud out loud??   That makes NO SENSE to me.   

    Don't get me started on LOLspeak.   I cannot stand it.  

    While we are on the subject of stupidity, can anyone explain to me why my teenage nieces add superfluous letters to their status updates?   I thought the point of textspeak was to shorten words.   My oldest niece typically has status' that say ridiculous things like "byeeeeeeee!" and "relaxxxxxxxx", or this from the other night, "why is the bachelorette not online yetttttttt. slkgvs;dfks;dfk getting ready and out with Eliseeeeeee."   Can kids these days actually spell?   They spell tomorrow "tmrrw".   Do they know how to spell it correctly?  


  • K&P414K&P414 member

    I don't know, my cousin does it too. And she does it with a lot of the same words like Heyy, Loove, byeee? And she also capitalizes random letters :  WoNdErFuL.

    I have a bad habit of inserting a "LOL" with scarcasm that comes from making fun of people overusing LOL and I forget that doesn't translate as sarcasm to the masses.  (LOL)  :)

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