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Days and nights mixed up still

Any advise on how to keep the babies awake a little bit during the day?  It seems they sleep in between their feeding all day and then at night they do not want to lay back down and fuss and someone stays awake for hours.  How much were your babies awake during the day at 5-6 weeks, still not to their due date yet.  Should they be awake more? 



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Re: Days and nights mixed up still

  • janjagjanjag
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    ours were mixed up at that time too!  sounds normal, even if it does suck.

    we started a bedtime routine at 6wks gest age, and withing 2 weeks they were sttn (5 or 6hrs i think) much more consistently. 

    GL!!  and hang in there.  i remember how frustrating it was to get to that magic 6wks gest age.

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