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Stellan (clicky)

I've always thought this was an interesting name. There's the actor Stellan Skarsgard... Anyways, just curious as to how everyone else feels about it.


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  • I love it!  It's such a handsome name, even without a definite meaning.
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  • think of the nn. he'll get called Stella
  • I think it's a little girly for a boy.
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  • it makes me think of Stalin....sorry ;)
  • LOVE it!
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  • Considering your other child has a very common name, Jack, I think Stellan is a bit far-out.   Why not Stephen?  It's similar and not all that overused.
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  • I gotta agree with PP. It is a little girly sounding for a boy IMO.
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    I just keep thinking of Marlon Brando in the rain.







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