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Hi and please help me w/protein

Hi everyone, I've been lurking here a few days since finding out at my u/s last week that we are having two. Looks like tons of great advice and tips can be found so I look forward to hopefully sticking around for a long time!

Quick q - I am worried I am not getting enough protein right now. Since becoming pg I have had a major aversion to peanut butter, eggs and meat, mostly chicken (gag) and pork. I did have some salmon last night and it went well and beef seems to be ok most days, but I am worried I am not getting enough protein. I am not throwing up but am nauseous every day and find that eating frequent small meals and snacks is keeping the barfing at bay.

Drinking lots of milk and trying to eat lots of beans (pinto, black, etc.) but does anyone have any tips for protein? I am going to try eggs again today - seems they could go either way. I was always a good meat eater so this is a bit of a change for me.


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Re: Hi and please help me w/protein

  • I agree w/the nutrition shakes. Try the muscle milk drinks, etc. I find that ensure has WAY too much added sugar for me, and honestly doesn't even have that much protein compared to some of the other drinks. I've been drinking the ones that are marketed as "muscle" drinks. 
  • Thanks -- good idea, I'll check them out. And I am not a sugary drink fan so def will try the "muscle" kind. (Ironic given how much I am sitting around on my arse these days)
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  • cadencaden
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    I lived on protein shakes and red meat in my first tri. I couldn't handle much else.

    Congratulations and H&H 9 months to you!! 

  • Boathouse make some good high protein juices...
  • smeyersmeyer member

    Yay!  I love seeing you here!  :)

    I also am big on protein shakes.  Personally, I prefer Muscle Milk or Boost Plus.  Hopefully they're available up north.  If you can stomach yogurt, Greek yogurt has a ton more protein than regular.  Also, a lot of expectant MoMs make protein shakes or smoothies with yogurt (or ice cream), fruit, and protein powder.    

  • I ate a lot of nuts for snack. Costco has where you can get them in single serve packs- each pack had 13-15g of protein.
  • Don't worry too much right now about what you're eating, just eat what you can stand the thought of (I know all about the aversions).  Later, try drinking 1 or 2 (I did 2) Ensure Plus (or generic) per day.  They're loaded with protein and good fat and calories.  GL.
  • kegkeg
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    Congrats and welcome!  Dairy was definitely my friend.  Lots of milk and cottage cheese and Greek yogurt have a lot of protein in them too.  My dietitian also recommended protein powder which I either used in smoothies or if I was lazy, just added to milk or orange juice (I used Unjury powder which you can order online...that was her recommendation). 

    No clue if this helps, but one thing i remember that I did well eating when things were iffy was quiche.  We went to a French restaurant and it was one of the first times I remember actually finishing a meal!  

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  • I drink Ensure Plus shakes and add a scoop of Designer Whey protein per my peri's instructions.  The Designer Whey doesn't have all the extra fat soluble vitamins like other protein powders do.  They did say to limit the shakes and protein powder to 2/day.
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    Congratulations! I agree with the pp about protein shakes and nuts. I had major aversions to meat for the majority of my 1st trimester. I also was able to occasionally stomach hard boiled eggs or egg salad sandwiches.
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  • I agree with the Ensure shakes.  My peri told me to drink the ensure plus protein.  She swears they are the reason the boys were such a good size for 30 weeks. I think she may be right:)
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  • I had the exact same problem as you up until only about a month ago.  I did the protein shake thing because drinking was easier for me than eating.  I would only have 1 a day though.  I also munched on beef jerky and I ALWAYS carried around a bag of almonds in my purse to munch on every couple of hours.  I also liked to snack on the Special K protein bars...only the chocolate peanut butter ones...yummy...tastes like a candy bar.  They sell them in the same aisle as the Special K shakes and Ensure, etc...

    Good luck!

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  • yay yay yay!!! I missed your bfp and u/s updates - where have I been?!? congrats!!!!!!!!!!

    definitely protein shakes! I mixed mine with whole milk for extra calories. :)  

    I craved lots of beef my first tri, but hated all other meats. I ate about a million cheeseburgers. :)

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  • I couldn't choke down protein shakes, so I got my protein via lots of beans & rice, cheese, yogurt and nuts.  :)

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  • Thank you all so much! I've loaded up on almonds, had a smoothie today and will start protein shakes tomorrow. I also love Greek yogurt - I have a yogurt maker - so that will be easy too. Great ideas!
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