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Travel restrictions?

Did you ladies have any travel restrictions?  If so, at what point and what types of restrictions?

I totally understand that if I start experiencing any issues that travel can be restricted, but if I experience no complications, can I expect to have travel restrictions just because of being pregnant with twins?

I currently have a trips scheduled for around weeks 13, 20 and 23...and I am wondering about whether I will get to take all 3 trips.  All 3 trips require air travel.

I'll ask my OB, but it will be a few more weeks before I have my first OB appt, so I wanted to get an idea if I need to make alternative plans for these trips.




Re: Travel restrictions?

  • I was told I could travel by air up to 28-30 wks if no complications. By chance, my last flight was around 24 wks, I think.
  • Everyone is different, but I had no issues traveling (internationally) at: 10, 16, 20, and 22.5 weeks pg with twins. The 16 wk and 22.5 wk were over 8 hours of air travel one way.

    I just made sure to get the ok prior to each trip from my peri (MFM). He preferred that I stop doing long air travel at 24 wks to be extra cautious. I brought along records with me in case of emergency and carried a note saying I was "fit" to travel by my dr. 

    I drank a ton of water prior to, during, and after my flights. I got up and walked the airplane every 1.5 hours or so to keep circulation going. All experiences were positive ones and I'm glad I traveled.

    As for driving trips, I was allowed up until 32 weeks. I only did one major road trip though at 28 weeks. After that, I didn't travel much until I delivered. Again, lots of stopping to stretch, stayed hydrated, etc.


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  • I was allowed to travel by air up until 22 weeks. I would have been allowed to travel by driving up to 28 weeks. I had PIH since 22 weeks so I was going nowhere.

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  • My doctor had said he would put me on travel restriction around 28 weeks. I'd had a trip planned around 26 weeks that I ended up not taking because at approx 22 weeks we had a little TTTS scare. I needed to purchase my ticket around the same time and I wasn't comfortable making that commitment not knowing what would be happening with the babies over the next few weeks and if I'd need to go to houston for treatment, so we just put ourselves on travel restrictions.
  • I travelled within the US until week 30. Had no problems in my pregnancy.  I'd say week 30 was the last of being able to travel. It was okay... my husband had to go alot of the lifting and carrying of luggage.  I was told to keep hydrated and get up and walk around on the flight every 30 minutes by my  docs. Everyone doc is different though. 
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  • We are flying to Mexico in 2 weeks and my peri said that should be the last time I fly (17-18 weeks).  I will be on bed rest though by 25-26 weeks b/c of triplets.

    My peri is having me wear special compression maternity pantyhose to reduce swelling and I have to drink water the whole time I'm flying and walk around a lot.   I am also getting a letter from my peri that it's OK to fly since I will probably look close to full term.

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  • I have a trip to Ireland for a wedding at 30 wks, and my OB said as long as I didn't have pre-eclampsia, or any other complications, it shouldn't be a problem.  My friend is having twins, and he let her fly to Spain at 21 wks with no restrictions. 


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  • A lot can change and very quickly with twin pregnancies.  So it will ultimately depend on how your pregnancy is going and how you are feeling.  I never thought I'd be on bedrest at 23 weeks. 

    With that being said, I would not have chanced travel after about 22 weeks.  I work in ob and I have had far too many out of town patients.  Luckily we have a great NICU at my hospital and these patients are lucky for that.  But I wouldn't have trusted anyone except my own doc and own neonatologists once the babies were near viability.

    You'll figure it out!!

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