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DD is 15 months and still no crawling :(  trying to remain calm and positive and hope one of these days it will happen!!

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  • Don't you hate those month birthdays?  They always make me nuts when I'm waiting for DD to pick up some new developmental milestone.  Every new month that goes by without it is a little gut check.  :(  Silly how 14 months and 29 days feels better than 15 months and 1 day, but it does... 

    Hang in there - just think how happy you'll be and how much you'll celebrate when she gets it!   

  • amajaneamajane member

    My DD didn't roll until 14 months and crawled at 21 months. At 27 months (ok, she's really just over 2 years old) she still can't walk independently or cruise. But she did just learn how to crawl up stairs. 

    If my DD can do it...yours will too. You're fretting about crawling and I'm fretting about walking. I know she will do it one day...I just don't know when.

    The waiting is agonizing, isn't it! 

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