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Celine Dion is having twins!!

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Re: Celine Dion is having twins!!

  • Wow, I hope she continues to have a healthy pregnancy.  Although she's a celebrity with more money than I could imagine, she's been through an awful lot with her struggle, and I can't imagine 6 IVFs.  Good luck to her!

  • I knew that they had to have IVF to have their first son, but I cannot begin to image what it has been like for them going through 6 IVF's to get pg this time. I wish her all the best for a healthy pregnancy.
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    She was on Oprah a while back and said that she had been through 4 IVFs (at that point) and I think she might  had said she has m/c or two.

    I think it's wonderful that she is so open about IF. I wish more celebrities would follow her example.

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  • I'm thrilled for her.  I can't imagine the amount of heartache she's experienced prior to this.

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