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Getting triplets to stay asleep

Hi! I've been on the bump for about a year but I have never written a post! I have 7 month old triplets born at 33wks. We did some sleep training and it worked great in regards to getting everyone to fall asleep at night. However, they wake up all night long. Someone usually sleeps through the night; it's always different. We usually go in and replace pacifiers about every hour for our son and sometimes every 15 minutes for our daughter; this usually lasts three hours. I know it sounds ridiculous but they're all in the same bedroom and yes they do wake each other up if it goes on for more that a few minutes. So, do we separate everyone and let them cry?


Re: Getting triplets to stay asleep

  • well, we're not at the point where you are yet. But the sleep books I've read for multiples suggest separating them until they fully STTN, then putting them back together again if you want. I feel your pain on the pacifier issue!
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  • I would try letting them CIO through their own soother need.  We had a DD that would do the "sucki call" :)  Finally I said enough was enough and two nights later she slept fine without crying all night for it.  But it was a two night battle.  I wouldn't worry about the other two waking up while the first ones works it out -- hopefully it is all sorted out by night 3 :)

    Good luck!

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  • Thanks for the feedback! Are you saying keep everyone in the same room?

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