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Worrying after a big fall...

Hi Ladies,

I had a really bad fall in the shower on Wednesday ( spent the night in the hospital and needed dental surgery on Thursday to repair some of the damage. It was a really bad fall )

Anyway, we went to the maternity hospital L&D directly to make sure the twins were okay (figuring we would go to an A&E ward after checking on the twins ) and they asked if I had been hit by a car! LOL!

They hooked me up to heart monitors for the twins... but for about 30 minutes they couldn't find Baby A's heartbeat - it was terrifying. We thought we had lost one of the twins.

They then brought in an ultrasound and were able to find the second twin's heartbeat with that without a problem - and declared that both twins were just fine before sending me off to another hospital.

My question is - have any of you had a really bad fall during your pregnancy, but things were just fine? Even though we were told that they are fine I'm still so worried and paranoid about them... what if I did some kind of damage to them that the hospital didn't pick up??? 



Re: Worrying after a big fall...

  • I'm so sorry about your fall. Falling in the shower was one of my biggest worries.  

    I had a really bad fall even later in pregnancy. I was 33 weeks and fell off a curb/sidewalk. I landed on my hands, knees and belly (Bekah's side). I went back into the house. Started contracting very strong and no movement from Bekah. We went into L&D and everything ended up being ok. They got contractions slowed down and Bekah started kicking as soon as they put me on monitors. It was the best feeling in the world. 

    They were right, everything was fine. I have 21 month olds RUNNING around my house.

    Praying that things turn out the same for you!


    Here is the blog entry. Posts after even include pictures of my knee if you want to get grosed out.  

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  • just remember how padded they are in there.  The biggest risk with a fall is that you go into PTL and have them early --- and since that isn't happening - try not to stress. 

    they had a hard time finding the HB"s on the boys when i was sent to L&D at 27w with a horrible stomach bug and was dehydrated - it sucks waiting for them to find them!!!  I know that fear!

    glad you and the babies are ok!

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  • Omg!  I am so glad you and the babies are okay!  that sounds like a horrible fall!  I haven't fell yet, so I have no advice, but I am so glad that both babies are still alive.  I will keep you in my T&P's!
  • No experience with this, but just wanted to say I'm sorry you had to go through that! I can't believe they waited half an hour to do an u/s-- that's awful! (The one time I was in L&D and they couldn't find Baby B's heartbeat, they paged my OB brought in an u/s machine right away.)
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  • One of my friends had a bad fall when she was pregnant with her singleton.  She fell while she was hiking she was all black and blue and very worried.  She went to the OB, everything looked good with the baby.  The baby is a happy healthy 9 month old now.
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  • Thanks ladies, that does make me feel a bit better. I'm absolutely terrified of our shower at the moment, which is also probably making things a bit worse.

    I can't help shaking the feeling that if anything happens to them it is my fault - and I know that if they have any issues later on in life I'm going to connect it to that fall... 


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