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I have a black eye just in time for Aruba....

Last night was pretty much a disaster in our house. It was about 6pm and I was sitting at my desk in the kitchen while C was eating his dinner. Then all of a sudden I feel myself get very dizzy. The next thing I know I am flat on my face on the kitchen floor and C is screaming and DH is standing over me. I don't remember falling out of my chair or hitting the floor but I scared the crap out of Colin and Chris. The whole side of my face and under my eye is swollen and purple. Dh wanted me to go to the er but our neighbor's dh was kind enough to come and look at me and said I just need to follow up with my dr next week, which will not be easy b/c I don't have a PCP. I feel fine now and felt fine the rest of the night with the exception of my face feeling like someone beat me with a baseball bat. Then just as we thought things calmed down Colin woke up with a fever. We were up with the little guy throwing up. We were up until almost 3 doing laundry and cleaning the carpet on the stairs. Happy Memorial Day weekend to us! Hope my face heals by next Saturday.  
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Re: I have a black eye just in time for Aruba....

  • Oh how horrible. I am glad you are doing OK.  Please get checked out,  a similar thing happened to a friend of mine, she fell while on a rocky path and ended up in the hospital she hit her head so hard.  I am sure the bruises will be down next week for your trip.  Keep us posted.  So sorry to read this.

    And the LAST thing you needed was the throw ups.  Hoping today and tonight are much better for you.

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  • I am glad you are OK.

    Right before I got pregnant (don't worry, it was not a BFP I didn't know about it was a couple months before) with P I fainted due to a sudden drop in blood pressure.  The drs did not seem worried when DH took me the next day.  Hopefully it was a one time thing for you, too.

    Anyway, sorry about the tummy bug with C.  Hopefully it will be over today and you guys can enjoy your weekend.

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  • Oh no!! You really need to see a doctor.  It is better to be safe and get checked out especially if you are about to go out of the country.  I hope you heal quickly and I hope C is feeling better soon. 


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  • Definitely see a doctor.  Probably nothing- but just be safe!  As for the bruising... try putting some olive oil on it all week to see if it improves.  Someone at my church suggested this when Gavin had a particularly bad bump/bruise on his forehead and it really did lighten it up.  It's best if you start using it right away, but better late than never!






  • If C had suddenly passed out for no good reason, you'd be taking HIM to the doctor, wouldn't you?  Same goes for you, lady--go get yourself checked out!  Could have been a sudden drop in BP, or a weird inner ear fluid shift (those sure make ME dizzy!), but it'd be good to get an "official" check to be sure it's nothing else weird.  Feel better and I hope C feels better soon too!
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  • I agree with the pp's please go get yourself checked out before you go to Aruba!  Sorry about poor C getting sick, and what a good mommy to take care of him.  Take care of yourself too!
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