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I want a Hypnobaby labor buddy!

Here's a little about me--this is my second baby, a boy this time! But this will be my first natural birth, hopefully. I was induced at 37 weeks with my DD because of low fluids and couldn't make it past 5cm w/o an epi because of that freaking pitocin. I am so curious to feel "real" contractions and to wonder if I'm in labor.

I really love listening to my Hypnobabies and after reading about other methods, I know that if anything will be able to help me, this is it. I have a doula, didn't have one with my first, so I am also excited to see how this will help my experience. I would love to have a friend to check in with that is due around my due date too!

Does this sound match.com enough???

Josie Cailin 7/25/08 Asher Mason 7/19/10

Re: I want a Hypnobaby labor buddy!

  • i'm not near your due date but i have a lot of the same kind of feelings you do!   i did go into labor naturally but i'm wondering how different it will be this time, and i'm kinda looking forward/excited about it.
  • I'm a few days behind you, and also very excited to be doing the Hypnobabies home study course.  I'm only on the second section (taking about 2 weeks to complete each one), but I love it already.  I am already so much more confident and excited about having a natural birth. 

     This is my first and I'm having a girl, but I would be happy to share the experience with you anytime! 

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  • I'm due a few days after you, having a boy, and did Hypnobirthing with a private instructor.  Would be happy to talk with you about it :)
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