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anyone have experience with natural birth and gestational diabetes


I failed my first GD screen and went back today for the 3 hour.  I don't know for sure that I had GD but I'm preparing myself mentally for that.  The one thing that makes me scared is the fact that everything I read says that women with GD have a greater risk of having to be induced or have a C-section (neither of which I want).  Has anyone had experience with GD and delivered naturally?

Re: anyone have experience with natural birth and gestational diabetes

  • I haven't delivered yet, but I do have GD and my program has been very supportive of my going naturally.  The higher C-section rate is attributed to the higher incidence of larger babies, as long as you keep your sugars under control you will likely avoid that issue.   However they will not let you go past your EDD because your placenta will start breaking down earlier. My nurse was GD and gave birth naturally, and she said when we get closer we'll start trying some natural induction things to avoid pitcoin (which I don't want).  Also it helps to stay active and exercise in preparation for labor, which also helps control your sugars.
  • I'm not GD, but I do have Type 1 diabetes.  I agree with PP about keeping your blood sugar under control.  I also HIGHLY recommend you do your research - understand what they do when they do the tests, read Bradley Method books (they talk about the different tests, etc), and really KNOW what is important to you, when it is worth it to YOU to be induced or have a CS.  

    Some docs want to induce at 36 weeks just because the baby "might be" big, or showed big on an u/s.  However, u/s can be off by as much as 2.5 pounds.  Routinely inducing diabetics at 36 weeks is, IMO, irresponsible and "old medicine".   The newer ideas/guidelines say, as PP said, not to go past your due date.  Fortunately for me, DD came on her own at 38 weeks.  I was terrified of being induced, and am SO thankful I didn't have to be.


    A good resource for GD (and all diabetics) is Diabetic Mommy:

    Women on there have had ALL different experiences - from natural homebirths to induced at 36 weeks that led to c/s.  I found their information invaluable going through my first pregnancy.  

    I hope you don't have GD, but if you do, I hope to see you over there :)  Good luck! 

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    I was diagnosed with GD and delivered naturally, although I was 3 wks early.  He was 7lb 3 oz 21 in.  My GD was diet controlled.
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  • FWIW, it's easy to fail the first test and then actually be fine and pass the fasting test.  This happened last time for me.  To give you some hope!
  • Thanks ladies for all of the information and encouragement!  I appreciate it so much.
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