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First day of preschool today

Today is Hailey's first day of preschool.  I basically had to sneak out while they distracted her with a book. I feel bad for leaving that way, but she was so clingy I knew it would be a big scene.  :(  Wish us luck b/c I have no idea how she will do. She's always been with myself, DH, grandparents, or a nanny. She's really shy in new situations at first and then usually warms up later. 1:00 seems so far away now!   We still have our awesome nanny Mon - Thurs, and she will go to preschool on Fridays throughout the summer. I know it will get better, just worried about today.
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Re: First day of preschool today

  • Ahhh Hailey is a big girl and going to school!  :)  I think she will surprise you and have a great day!  Sometimes I think these situations are actually harder on us than them!  Good luck!


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  • I am sure it will be great.

    P is at that age where she can be a  little clingy but honestly she enjoys daycare.  I got her a backpack and she has so much fun going to "school" like a big girl wearing it.

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  • Big girl Hailey!!! I know this will be way harder on you than her!!! I hope she has a great day!!
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  • Good luck, Hailey (and Mommy)!

    BTW... She is just gorgeous!  Love your siggy pic! 

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