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What did you do to Babyproof your home?

I feel like the time is coming, so I know to do all the outlet, cleaning supplies, breakables at lower levels..that kind of thing, but what else did you do that I'm sure I'll forget?


Re: What did you do to Babyproof your home?

  • The only other thing we did was add foam on the corners of the coffee table and TV console table in our bonus room.
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  • We have 2 gates top / bottom stairs, then put cabinet locks on the cabinet with cleaning supplies, and did all the electrical outlets. 
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  • We did a foam protector on the brick hearth, outlet plugs, cabinet locks on the 2 cabinets with cleaning supplies, and a drawer lock on our knife drawer. We don't have stairs so we don't have any gates.

    ETA: now that she is starting to want to climb/explore a little more, we need to attach her dresser/shelves to her bedroom wall. I really don't think she would try to climb her drawers, but she does play in her room alone for a few minutes sometimes, and I don't want to take any chances b/c her furniture is very heavy.

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  • We did everything everyone mentioned, only just this weekend did we add the top of the stairs gate. I also made a thick padded cover for my marble bottom of my fireplace because dd had fallen back and hit her head. We locked ALL our cabinets. I basically took away anything that she could pull down or climb, but like Jenhum said, it's time to consider bolting furniture to the wall.



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  • Gate at the top of the stairs, outlet plugs, picked up anything within his reach I wouldn't want him playing with.
  • the only other thing we did that hasn't been mentioned is locks on the lids of the toilets--DS loves "bubbles" and was very curious about the toilets.  And given how huge his head is compared to the rest of his body, I could totally see him going in head first and not being able to get out.

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  • We did outlet covers around 9 mos when she started crawling well, then did the gate at the top of the stairs. We did the bottom of the stairs gate later on, because it took awhile before she was interested in climbing them. We also put cabinet locks on our kitchen cabinets. That's pretty much it.

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