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f/u about big appt with neurosurgeon/spinal team

We had our big appt yesterday and got some very clear answers that DD does def. need her surgery. Basically, there are two bones, squishing into her spinal cord and the degree to which they're pushing in is really dangerous, but also has a high-risk for operating on, because its in a specific hard to reach area at the top of the spinal cord, which controls all the important stuff. We're waiting to hear back after he consults with some other dr.'s to tell us his plan for HOW he wants to do the surgery. 

I actually feel relieved now that we have a clear idea of what we need to do. No promises I'll feel that way on surgery day. But the back and forth of wondering what to do wasn't good for anyone. 


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Re: f/u about big appt with neurosurgeon/spinal team

  • Clear answers are always good to have. Even if they haven't figured out the "how" yet I am sure your DD is in good hands. You guys will be in our thoughts and prayers sending some good juju to your DD and the surgeon.
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  • I'm glad you got some clear answers. That's always important. I hope they figure out the how soon and that everything proceeds quickly & smoothly for you guys. 
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  • Good luck w/ surgery, I know it's not fun; my kids condition is one that the only thing for a fix and to save their life is for surgery. With our condition there are a few different way to do the surgery so it's kind of a luck of the draw of which one ya get all depending on what surgeon you see. (but our surgery is not particularly dangerous like what y'all will have to face)

    I am happy that now you at least know what direction you should be heading.

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  • Surgery isn't easy, but it does make me feel better to have a plan. I will be praying for her, and you. Any idea on when?
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