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**adge** (and other vision and/or hearing Mommies)

"that's awesome!  we get vision services through ITP.  our vision teacher is so nice.  have you made a toy bar or little box for your little one yet?  we have two different toy bars and just started making the little box.  Xavier plays so much better with the toy bars than other "gym" type toys. "

Please explain what a toy bar or vision box are . . . ? I just yesterday saw something on the NDBC website about a "calendar box" and am trying to learn about what that entails.... I'd love to hear more about what you're doing with your little one. . .  do you have both vision and hearing or just vision? 

You also asked what everyone else was doing . . . we're trying tactile sign, but its honestly not going anywhere too quick expressively. I think she might get some of the signs receptively, but its new to her and even a perfect system will take time to get. We also have some tactile cues that we're trying to introduce, but are still working on making those associations for the cue to even make sense.

I think the best thing we're doing is engrossing her in EVERYthing we do. Ie. I had her wash her hair the other night. Took her hands, squirted soap together, brought it up to her hair, and rub rub rubbed it in. She actually loved it! . . . Which almost made me drown in the 4" tub. :) . . . She hated being touched 2 months ago.

Do you have any good resources where you get ideas? I'm almost done with "Deaf-Blind Infants and Children, a developmental guide" by McInnes and Treffry, which has been good, but is really old. I've since learned about Barbara Miles and a few other "greats". 

Hoping we can inspire each other a little . . . 


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Re: **adge** (and other vision and/or hearing Mommies)

  • A "little box" may be similar to a "little room" like this one:


     If you google little room and visually impaired or blind you will get a good explanation.

    Kelsey had one until she got too long for it.  Hers was built out of PVC pipe and looked alot like the one in the article except the "roof" of hers was a solid wall and the sides were the see through plexi glass.

     The idea is that the toys are always in the same place so that the kids know where to look for them and also  they don't drop out of reach when they let go. They are on elastic so they spring back to where they started and the kids know where they are.

    It is also supposed to be a place where they can play independently and explore on their own.

    Hope that helps.

  • exactly what the PP said.  we aren't finished building it yet but i've been out and about collecting different items to put into it.  i read a good idea yesteday about wetting a bottle brush and hanging it inside so that when the child hits it they get a spray of water.

    our toy bar is also made out of pvc.  actually we have a large toy bar and then a small one that can sit infront of him.  on the larger one i have beads hanging, a little metal pail with marbles inside, a squishy ball and a gold party decoration.  on the smaller one (it's open in the middle) i put a hard backed black board in it and he has a bell, i put his gold crinkly paper in it, and he has one of those baby mirrors that you can attached to an infant carseat.

    our vision teacher wants us to make splat mats and she also just brought us a light box.  so far we only get vision 1x per month since right now his vision is just considered delayed and he does not have any hearing difficulties.

    we also have a big mac and our OT just brought out a puppy fan to go with it.  he's really getting the hang of it and it's awesome to see him purposefully playing!

    i'm always looking for more ideas for sensory activities for him so please share away!

    i haven't read any books.  i'm in a limbo between reading stuff to get ideas and help me/him and those that will "scare" me and make my anxiety go up.  if that makes sense.  that's why i'm really torn about getting exceptional parent magazine.  i think it would be a great resource but at the same time it shows side a wide range of special needs that it might make my anxiety go haywire.

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