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Can someone please tell my DH...

that our mobile 11 month old is not OK on the changing table by herself? I try very hard to be supportive of his parenting and not to squash his efforts but really? After I corrected him he told me that it has raised edges so "she's fine." 

Re: Can someone please tell my DH...

  • Yeeeeah I'm not an experienced mother yet but I would never leave a mobile baby on a changing table by herself. They're fast little buggers.

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  • Ahh, men. My dh was gone while my son was 3.5-7.5 months old, so when he left the baby was easy to manage on the changing, not so much. He got home on Sunday and for every diaper change he puts the changing pad on the floor b/c he's afraid the baby will wiggle off! 
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  • Yeah, my DH has been here the entire time since she was born minus a few weeks here and there. He know how fast she is. I shower with DD and DH was getting her dressed while I was drying off. He came in the bathroom to throw a wipe away. She was in her room on the changing table. Seriously.
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