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Any other army spouses?

Hello everyone! I'm a newlywed married to an amazing soldier based at Fort Campbell. We found out just over a month ago we're expecting our first child! It's such an exciting time in our lives, but we're not able to share the experience with our friends and family because they're all back home in Massachusetts. I've only been in TN for a couple months so I haven't met a lot of women here or really made many friends. It's hard not having anyone to relate to, especially when I've got so much going on. I have such a wonderful support system of friends and family at home, it's difficult going through so much without having them be a part of it on a daily basis. It's not like I'm lying in bed all day overcome with homesickness, it's just not the same as if we were back in Mass. I'm wondering if other women are going through this and what makes it easier?

Re: Any other army spouses?

  • I'm not an army wife but am an army brat so I've been around it for 30 yrs. I have several friends who have married army and can say it gets easier.  Army life isn't easy but you'll meet other wives soon and the support system among wives is pretty good.  Hang in there it'l get better and congrats on  your little one to be!


  • We are Army.  We've been here for 5 years now.  How are you liking the area so far?
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  • It's okay. It's very different than I'm used to. I come from a small town with a lot of local shops and restaurants and I miss that. The weather's much nicer though! Coming from Mass to this is like a vacation. lol Back home they got over a foot of snow two days ago and people lost power and cable and all that. I'm starting to get more involved with the FRG so that's helping me get adjusted.
  • ME!! ::raises hand!::
    im super new to this all..

    married jan 25th
    moved here jan 28

    and just found out this past sunday we are expecting...

    and i feel horrid...

    when i 1st came here my husband wanted me to meet all his friends wives...

    and honestly i didnt want to have my friends "picked" for me...and all them have kids are expecting or both and i felt very odd bc i didnt think i was "there" yet ha
    i was wrong!!!

    but i know exactly how you  feel.. its so hard with everyone you know and are comfortable with and want to share this with are so far away...
    i hated having to tell fam and friends over the phone...

    but im here! in the same boat as you.. 

    so please feel free to talk vent rant etc to me.. bc ill listen =]


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  • I just got married on Christmas. Got pregnant a couple weeks after getting married (started trying the day before we got married). Moved to Clarksville from Missouri. I know absolutely no one to actually call a friend except my husband's best friend and his wife. It's hard having my family in Missouri. They are only six hours away, or a phone call, but it's definitely difficult. The only thing that's made this easier is becoming extremely close to my husband, I'm probably more clingy to him than I've ever been to anyone other than my dog, who also helps me a lot. Lol, it's odd to have a dog as support I know, but he is 15 and I am 19 so as you could imagine we're really close. :)

  • Hi! I am Rosanna and I am an armywife. I have been here since December and I am 27w 6d pregnant.I have had to go thru this alone.My hubby left in January and I have no family here. I do have 2 close friends. We got married in Nov and found out we were pregnant in Dec. Hope to get to know you better!
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