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Some days I just don't know...

I'm exhausted!

I haven't slept a full 8 hours more then one time since H left over 5 months ago...I can't believe it's been that long already!

Between working full time, taking care of dd and trying to keep the house up, you know the things that consist of LIFE, lol I am beat.

I have no clue how I think I will throw full time school into the mix, but at the same time I have to.

I wish I could sleep for 24 hours and get 'caught up'. I need some sort of rare energy boost, with an unlimited supply. lol.

Anyone have any secrets they can fill me in on, or is this the norm?

I surely don't want to go to another 17 years with less then 8 hours of sleep a night. Lol. I loved my 12 hours of sleep Every.single.night while I was pregnant!

Re: Some days I just don't know...

  • I have no words of wisdom.

    All I can say is, I miss my pregnant sleep too! :(

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  • I don't know how...but I did it too!  Full time working on my bachelors degree, a full time job, a condo, and NO I literally had zero breaks since her father was non-existent (before he passed away the end of my junior year in college).  I really can't tell you HOW I did it, but I can tell you that I DID do it.  I remember not being able to start homework until 10 or so after dinner and cleaning and baths and getting DD to bed...I think I averaged 4 hours of sleep a day for years...but it is SOOOO worth it!!

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  • It is hard, and I have family and do get small breaks. It really does get better, but I think you just go through the motions for a LONG time!! Hang in there!
  • The babies get older.  They eventually start making their own sandwiches instead of constantly asking you to make them a sandwich (seemed like everytime I started focusing on something Paying bills, homework...etc they needed a sandwich)

    I have no idea how I did it I just got up everyday and got that day finished.  I would wake up get the kids ready send one to school the other came w/ me to drive the school bus, then go to college full time (youngest was in the daycare program at university it was covered by grants) and then picked up youngest, drove afternoon school bus, Oldest went home to my parent's house after school where my sister watched her until I got home...dropped off youngest, made ate dinner and then went back to school for the night class.  Homework was always done between classes while the kids were in school, or after I got home and they were asleep.  I made it a priority to have everything done so the weekends I spent all time w/ the kids.

    Now that the busiest part of life is over, I have no idea how I was able to do it.  Except you can't think ahead b/c it gets overwhelming.  You accomplish that day and each day.  KBO!  Keep Buggering On!

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  • Does Chloe STTN?  I know that I try to do things on the weekend which will help me get to bed earlier/stay in bed a little longer on the weekdays. 

    If you can prep stuff for lunches for the week (sandwiches, individual meals to heat up, etc.) that saves some time. 

    I also try to keep the diaper bag stocked with clothes/snacks/medicine/diapers, etc.

    Something that helps me on a sluggish morning is doing my 30-Day Shred-can't remember if you were doing this or not.  Even if I haven't slept that much, it's worth it to wake up a 1/2 hr earlier because it energizes me. 

    And coffee is my best friend in the whole world.

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