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ob/gyn in jacksonville

I'm at a loss looking for an ob/gyn in jax.  I would like Baptist South for my delivery, but a great ob is more important.  Plus, I'd prefer a female.  I can study man parts all my life, but I'll never know what it feels like to be kicked in the manparts, ya know?  Any suggestions??

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  • Just the answer! FABEN obgyn at Baptist dowtown. They are an ALL female practice. They delivered my son and I have NOTHING bad to say about them. Love, love, loved them. I wanted a natural labor and it wasn't their game plan from what I could tell but they worked with me. I almost made it natural (that's for another post:)) and looking back I am really glad I was with their practice. Let me know if you have anymore questions. You can Google them- they have a website.
  • I used the North Florida OB/GYN group at Baptist South - the doctors are Connor, Paulk, Greenhaw, VanBennekom, Greenwald and Stoddard.  The last two are female, the others are male.  I was really happy with them, Dr. Greenhaw delivered B and was fabulous.
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  • I concur with Kristin.  I'm going to that group for the same reason, I want to deliver at Baptist South.  They will make you see all of the doctors because they want you to meet all of them since they don't know who will deliver your baby.  I have been impressed with all of them.  It is a very large practice, so there are always a lot of people there. 
  • I with Dr.Scott Brody and he delivers at Baptist South, really good bedside manner but if you prefer a female he works with a Midwife.
  • Try Women's Physicians of Jacksonville (wpjax.com). They have 3 female doctors there and one male, I've been to see all of them and love them all (except one of the female practioners). They have hospital rights at St Luke's. My OB said she can deliver me at Baptist South if she has to, but that would mean I had some sort of severe complication and had to go there instead. I have heard nothing but good things about St Luke's though.
  • I go to Sekine, Rasner and Brock. Dr. Brock is a woman and is awesome. I actually used one of the midwives in the practice for my delivery, Beth Wrigley, but Dr. Brock is my doctor. She's really awesome. Oh, and they deliver at Baptist South. I love that hospital. Had nothing but an awesome experience there.

    Good luck!

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