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DH and I decided when we'll TTC #2

We talked about it last night and decided we would like LO's 2 1/2 to 3 years apart.  Therefore...we are going to start TTC #2 around February/March of next year.  If we got pregnant in say April then I would be due January 2012 (DS would be 2 1/2).  I'm on BCP right now and have 2 months left before I'm due for a refill.  My OB wants me to be off BC at least 6 months before TTC (don't ask me why).  So I'm just gonna finish my refills and stop taking it then.  We'll obviously use other means of contraception until next year.

But I'm so excited thinking about being pregnant again!  I loved being pregnant (until the last month)...loved DH rubbing my big belly....loved feeling him move...loved all the attention!  It was awesome!  Since this will be our last LO...I have to really take it all in next time around.  EEK!  Big Smile 

Now time to start looking for a new OB (mine is nuts and has waaay too many patients).  I would have to plan on being in the waiting room at least an hour - up to 3 waiting to see her for my appointments.  NOT FUN!  There's a brand new hospital really close to my I'm gonna give them a call.

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Re: DH and I decided when we'll TTC #2

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    That's so exciting!  My DH and I have discussed this as well.  We want ours to be about 2 years apart so that means TTC this fall.  I am so excited cuz I loved being pregnant as well!.  Best of luck witht he new doctor too!
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    We are going to start trying this summer.  I would love to be able to plan, but it took us 15 months to get pregnant with my daughter.  So it will be what it will be.
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    How exciting! Good luck finding a new OB too.
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    Ha, DH and I had the same conversation not too long ago. And actually it is very similar to what you are talking about. I would like DD to be closer to 3 but we will see. Since our LOs aren't too far apart there is probably a good chance that we could be pregnant together. And like you, I am really looking forward to being pregnant again. GL with everything! 
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    Thatsawesome you have a timeline!  Enjoy your Summer not being pg!
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