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Well tomorrow I'm traveling, with my mom, to VA to see my daughter. We are flying from SA to Orlando then on to Dulles in DC. Then driving from the airport into Woodbridge, VA LATE at night. This will be the first real 'travel' I've done since I found out I'm pregnant. I'm going to be 16 weeks this Saturday so I'm not worried about the travel, just the time of getting in Friday night. Driving from DC into VA at night is a bit scary to think of. Once we get to the hotel I know where things are because that is the hotel we've stayed in every time we've been up there but I have never gone in to Dulles before so I am a little freaked out about that. My mom refuses to drive it so it will all be on me. If you would, say a few prayers for us! Thanks.

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  • aww good luck! You will be in my prayers :)
  • T&P's coming your way.  I am flying to DC myself in another week (Southwest now has several non-stops to Baltimore) renting a car there, and driving down to Springfield, VA (south of DC) - BY MYSELF!

    I am going for a week to visit my friend that just had her baby this morning!  I can't wait to see my goddaughter!

  • Cool Dawn. We'll be south of DC too. :)
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