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Britax Boulevard or Advocate?

Which do you have and would recommend?? Thanks!
Lucas David [8/29/09] Logan Michael [12/20/11]


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Re: Britax Boulevard or Advocate?

  • I have the advocate and really like it. In case we are unfortunate to be in an accident, I want to know that I got my baby the best. It's easy to use and very comfortable too.

     But I think you're comparing two great carseats. 

  • We got the Marathon and I did a lot of comparing including having DH sit in both. He was bugged by the headrest I think in the Blvd. He has been using his for 2 months (he is 7 months) and I love it. It was great size for the plane ride too.
  • We just had Erin from "Safety in Motion" come to our MOM's club meeting and do a car seat class - she is the instructor for HOAG and carseat expert for CHOC. She loves Britax and told us she would get the Boulevard - but NOT the CS version.  I guess she is seeing problems with them clicking before they are tight.

     We got ours from they are having a 15% off sale right now and you get it in 2 days! 


    BUT all the Britax's are really great. 

  • thanks ockylie. we went ahead and got the advocate (which comes with the cs). of course make sure the straps are appropriately tight regardless of the "click," i can definitely see where stopping at the first "click" would be a safety hazard (as it seems we have to adjust to 2 or sometimes even 3 clicks past the first one!!!!). thanks for the rec though, good to know britax is a widely-recommended brand by professionals ;)
    Lucas David [8/29/09] Logan Michael [12/20/11]


    A Day in the Life - Blog

  • I just got the Boulevard and so far I love it!
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