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Hi ladies!

Does anyone have a Kaiser OBGYN that they like?  I would be able to go to Rancho Bernardo, San Marcos, or Mission Valley.





Re: Kaiser San Diego OBGYN

  • Mine is Dr. Pattengill.  She's out of Vandevere, and she's awesome.
  • I saw Dr. Bennett at Vandevere. I love her.  I was high risk and she took great care of us.  She has 18-month-old twins herself.
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  • lawry13lawry13 member
    I saw Dr. Morell in San Marcos.  I really liked him!  My sister saw Dr. Do (not sure of the spelling) also in San Marcos and loved her.
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  • Thanks Ladies!

    So far they have set me up with a NMW.  I'm wondering when/if I will actually get to see an MD.  Do you know if an MD usually does the delivery at Kaiser?  Or what the likelihood of even getting the doctor you saw through your pregnancy is when you deliver?  I switched to Kaiser because it was the only insurance my company offered that had fertility benefits.  Now that I am pregnant, I'm not liking it very much.  It's crazy that you can't call the Ob/gyn office directly and they seem to be so over-booked all of the time.  I was hoping to switch back to Blue Cross in 2011, but since my due date is 12/31 it is just too risky. 


  • I also see a NMW at Kaiser in SD. If you are low risk and no complications that is who you'll see for all prenatal visits. They allow you to see an MD for 1 of the visits during all appts.

    I delivered at Zion in SD and I couldn't even tell you who the MD was... I don't remember. There were many babies being born that day and he or she(?) just came in for the delivery and then was gone. I pushed for about 30 min. There were some very nice nurses with me most of the time (only 1 nasty one, but she went home soon after I checked in. My NMW was there later in the day and came and checked on me, but was not there in the delivery room.

  • Tuney at Vandever!
  • imagechloe122084:
    Tuney at Vandever!

     I had her as well and absolutely loved her!  She was on call the day of my delivery but I didn't deliver before she went home.  I had great nurses the entire time and only met the doctor on the floor that day because we asked to.  A midwife delivered and stitched me up.  I pushed for an hour and a half with just the nurse and the midwife came in at the end to get the baby out. 

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