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Tomorrow is the BIG day!!

Gender u/s at 9:15!! I can hardly wait!!!

Re: Tomorrow is the BIG day!!

  • YEAH! I'll be watching the board to hear! So excited for you!
  • How fun! I'm excited for you!

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  • Thanks ladies!! This day is finally almost over! It went by so SLOW!
  • yay!!  Let me know what you thought of him!  I'm so excited for you to know!! 

    I can't wait either I'm hoping I can find out at my next appointment I'll be 16.5 weeks. 

  • *waits anxiously to hear what your news is*



  • He wasnt going to even do the sono, said i wasnt scheduled when i know i was and confirmed it! he finally caved and did it himself on a really old sono computer, couldnt really see.

     he made a 90% guess but I am not convinced at all! going to a 4D sono at 12:30 to find out for sure!! 

  • Aww, sorry did you like him aside from the sono mix-up? 

    I got my NT done by another doc that he refers his patients to and she said she does my gender shot at 18-20 wks she also looks at organ development.  It's like a follow-up to my NT scan. 

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