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Pregnant in Boise

Anyone know of any new mommy groups in the Boise area? I've got a few months but am starting the research now.

Re: Pregnant in Boise

  • There's a MOMs club group in Nampa, I think.

    There's a new playgroup that's on Craiglist.  The playgroup has a Facebook page, too, and mentions being free.

    There was another mom/playgroup in Boise, but I can't find the link to their website. I'll try to do some more digging and see what I can find.

    I wish we lived closer to Boise; it seems they have a lot more playgroup or even just kid-friendly activities.  Maybe since you live in Emmett, you'll have more access to these sorts of things. :) Good luck!

  • Where are you going to deliver?  I delivered at St. Lukes.  They have a mom's group that meets at the hospital.  They have it at both the Meridian St. Lukes and the Boise Downtown.  I started taking DS at around 3 weeks old and met so many great people.  Many of us are still friends and still meet up at least once a month. 
    Good luck with everything.  Is this your first baby? 
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