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Elliot Hospital Delivery

This is my first baby, I will be delieving at Elliot does anyone know how I go about scheduling a tour there and when to set up my labor classes?

Re: Elliot Hospital Delivery

  • I would call them and ask.  I took a class with my sister when she was pregnant a few years ago through Elliot and I know as part of the class we took a tour of the L&D unit there.  I am sure they can direct you to the right information.

    Good Luck!

  • Maybe we'll be in class together!  

    Check out for info about classes and to register.  The update the offerings all the time.

     I know a tour is included in the labor series--so you don't have to schedule it separately if you don't want to.

     Good luck!


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  • Yes, you can sign up for everything online. You can also call them (I think the phone number should be at the same link as the previous reply) to schedule and to get help on when to take the childbirth class. I am taking my tour next weekend!!
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