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so i thought i'd get an early start to this, as i am due in september and will be taking off until january.


does anyone have any good resources for where i look for childcare in san diego (or more specifically, the del cerro/santee area)?



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Re: childcare

  • I'm also looking for childcare in the Del Cerro area.  So far people have told me about and  I haven't been actively looking as people have pointed out that people are looking for jobs now...not months from now.  Frustrating since I am a bit of  a planner.  What type are you looking for...a center or in home?
  • I haven't really looked yet, I'd like to do in home for a while with a nanny or a SAHM.  My mom has graciously volunteered for now, but I don't know how long that will last. If you are ever considering a nanny-share, I'd be interested (for part-time). I live in San Carlos.  I would look at,, or even craigslist.  Perhaps a student from grossmont college or SDSU?  Good luck!

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  • What's "SAHM"?  What hours would you need your nanny for a nanny share?  When will you be going back to work and needing a nanny?



  • Stay-At-Home-Mom.  Hours would be 6:15-7:30am(depends on who can drop off) to about 4 pm, 1-2 days a week.  I am heading back to work tomorrow and my mom has graciously volunteered.  She is older and I worry about her age, not about caring for my son (she's a retired pediatrics nurse).  I want my son to be with other kids when he gets older.
  • Munchkin Minders are the best resource.  She is so kind and knowledgable and she's helped quite a few people I know.  Had a bad experience with the others listed.

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