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Always hungry and low blood sugar

I've struggled with this issue pretty much the entire time I've been nursing. I'm hungry as crap after I pump or nurse. I try to eat often though to stop any lightheadedness. Even so, it seems like a constant struggle. It got a lot better after I stopped eating oatmeal in the mornings. I still take fenugreek (just one pill a day) but now I think that might be making it worse based on this web page. I have stopped taking it a few days here and there but I still get hungry/ lightheaded a lot on those days as well. Also, I'm 20lbs above my pre-pg weight, so I know its not that I don't have enough "in storage" that my body could draw from.

Also, I try to eat a lot of high fiber, high protein foods to stay fuller longer which do seem to help but not as much as you'd think. 

Ideas? TIA!


Re: Always hungry and low blood sugar

  • I know this is late but I deal with the same thing.  I now eat at least 6 times a day to keep things under control : 3 meals, 3/4 snacks. I make sure to never let more than 3 hours pass without eating, complete with email/cell alarms to remind myself. I drink a ton of water too. I am still always hungry but the schedule keeps my blood sugar under control.   hope this helps.
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